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YOUR 21 WORD SALUTE -- Rendering A Salute
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Your 21 Word Salute
21 WORLD SALUTE is accepting a 21 Word Salutes from immediate families of fallen troops  Immediate family members are mother, father, brother/s and sister/s.  Due to the gratis offer to immediate families, we are accepting salutes in roll-out manner, by city/county, region, or state of the hero's hometown; otherwise, we will be overwhelmed.    Family members may be from any state; the same holds for friends.
Currently, we are accepting 21 Word Salutes from immediate family members for heroes who last lived in Pittsfield MA, then Berkshire County Massachusetts.

Q.  How is a 21 WORD SALUTE rendered?
A.  Rendering a 21 WORDS SALUTE is accomplished via an email sent to jds@johndavidsottile  To properly render a salute, we need the basic information:
1)  We need to know about the hero:
Name | Rank | Service | Age At Death | City | State | War | Theater | Date of Death
Additionally, if a formal military photo is available, we will post it with this information.
2)  We need to know your name and relationship and whether you want this information shown by relationship or by name and relationship.
3)  We need your exact 21 WORD SALUTE.
NOTE:  All the information is important, respectively:  
1)  We will verify the hero's information. 
2)  We will trust that we are dealing with family member, or service person / friend. 
3)  Finally, we will directly select, copy, and paste your 21 Word Salute without editing it, providing that it meets with the decorum of the site which in essence is a large wall of heroes and their impact on the lives of survivors.  Therefore, if we have questions or concerns over the meaning, we will email back for clarification.  Without attempting to stifle any salute, we take into account that this site is a solomn website opened to the world to see.  Therefore, the producers of this site, 21 WORD SALUTE reserves the legal right to reject any salute which is not clarified or remains inappropriate.
Other information is detailed in Question & Answers.
Q.  Is there a cost for rendering a 21 WORD SALUTE? 
A.  There is NO cost for immedate family members of fallen heroes.  Other people such as extended family members, service persons, and friends are asked make a donation to cover expenses. 
Q. In addition to a 21 WORD SALUTE, can a post more photos and words?
A. Yes you can do this through a link to the online edition of  Here Lies My Heart which has greater flexibility.  In Here Lies My Heart, depending on the online page format, one can post more text, appropriate photos, video, and audio. Further, custom background may be used if they fit the requirements.  Crosslink back to the page listing the 21 WORD SALUTE will be provided.
Q. Are there fees for posting more text, photos, and media in Here Lies My Heart?'
A. Yes. 

Q.  If I already have a remembrance page, such as Legacy.com" will you link to it?
A.  Yes.  We understand that such pages may already exist.  We will create a link to them.  However, we will not have the ability to create the CROSS-LINK from those sites back to 21WORD SALUTE since we do not have the control of those sites / accounts.  Therefore, you will have to either create the link, or mention it by the insertion of specific words  for "Select/Copy/Pasting.  We will provide the words for you.

Q. What happens if 21 WORD SALUTE becomes overwhelmed with salutes and does not obtain needed voluntary contributions to off-set expenses... how will 21 WORD SALUTE go on?
A  That's a good question for which we already have the good answer:  We will seek "polite" (think PBS0corporate sponsors.  For businesses, tax-wise, a charitable deduction has the same effect on the bottom line as an advertising or any other business expense.  Actually, there is more proper exposure and PR opportunities provided to a corporate sponsor in this way.  We are confident that numerous corporate supporters will step forward.