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The enclosed questions and answers are designed to help in placing a 21 WORD SALUTE:

Q.  Must there be exactly 21 WORDS? 
A.  YES.  The words may be in a sentence or sentences (S/he was a Marine's Marine. etc). They may be in keywords (Unique, Prince, The Best, etc).  Or they may be in a combination.  Punctuation marks are not counted as words.

Q.  What information is required?
A.  There are three pieces of information.  CLICK HERE

Q.  How do I submit the 21 WORDS?
A.  By email addressed to jds@johndavidsottile.com.

If you have questions, please send them along with your salute. If you wish to discuss a special edition of 21 WORD SALUTE, please send an email with a phone number & best time to call. We will call you a that time to discuss your edition.

Q.  Can I add a photo?
A.  In the 21 WORD SALUTE, we will only post the OFFICIAL MILITARY PHOTO once.  21 WORD SALUTE is a regimented, solomn website befitting heroes. We can accept the image in most file forms.  Other photos can be added to another publication linked to this listing which will be described below.

If you have a photo, do not have it in a digital form, and do not have scanning ability, you can have a friend scan it, go to a office product/services business such as Kinkos or Staples, or attempt to take a directly vertical smartphone photo.

Q.  Who is eligible to be listed in the 21 WORD SALUTE website?
A.  We base our decisions on federal government records.  Based on the information in Question #2, we verify the information.  With an affirmative response, the salute is then published.

Q.  How are the 21 Word Salutes organized?
A.  Initially, the site organization will be alphabetical by war and then theater. At a certain threshold, the salutes will be accessible through a more robust search.

Q.  Is it possible to have a separate page in 21 WORD SALUTE for a hero?
A.  YES.  5 or more salutes for a given hero will trigger a separate page.

Q.  If there is a separate page / booklet is it possible to customize it?
A.  NO.  The separate pages will have the same look as the in-line listings.
One hero is equal to another.  However, for continuity, hero's information will be listed both in-line and atop the separate page / booklet.  There will be the opportunity to have a custom listing in Here Lies My Heart which will be linked to the 21 WORD SALUTE.

Q.  With the structured look of 21 WORD SALUTE, how can I "personalize" my tribute?
A.  21 WORD SALUTE will eventually have a special edition of "Here Lies My Heart," which will also be an online remembrance site; however, one with far less structure than 21 WORD SALUTE.  When the site is operational, you will be able to accomplish the addition of text, casual photos, a video, an audio. 

Q.  Will there be a cost for "Here Lies My Heart?"
A.  YES.  The fees are a la carte and will be based on features and services.  

Q. Can I submit text in a MS WORD or other word processor file?
A.  Unfortunately, NO.  Depending upon the number of edits in word processing files, they can be problematic when placed in html websites.  TEXT -- as in the text that is typed in an email or Notepad -- works without problems or a need to scrub through software.