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21 WORD SALUTE is a personal honor reserved for American troops fallen in battle, or considered killed as a result of action as determined by the Defense Department. 
Simply stated, if a warfighters name is listed on any collective memorial of war dead,
such as the Vietnam Memorial, he or she may be honored through
Unlike the 21 Gun Salute* (SEE FOOTNOTE) which is reserved for the President, heads of state, and selected dignitaries, plus rendered at noon on Memorial Day for fallen heroes, as a whole, a 21 WORD SALUTE can be rendered at any time, individually, for any fallen American hero whose stature with family, friends, and the nation is no less regarded... regardless of rank.  It is, in fact, more dearly and proudly held.
While the current wars are off the front page of newspapers and for the most part out of people's minds, the wars are very real for family and friends of troops serving in them.  And, when a war related death befalls a family, it is left with the devastating reality of that tragedy. 
With them lie our hearts when comprehending that the "ultimate sacrifice" refers not only to that of the fallen hero, but to that of the surviving families / friends and their future lives, forever.
We hope that you find our concept, purpose, and manner in promulgating 21 Word Salutes as noble as we intend it to be. 
Thank you for visiting 21 WORD SALUTE.  You may render your salute as instructed herein.

* A GUN vs RIFLE SALUTE (a "gun"  = a cannon or howitzer) is different from the rifle salute which is a part of a military funeral. The rifle salute is thought by military historians to have evolved from a different path of traditions. Historically, gun salutes arose out of the practice of emptying navel war cannons upon entering a port to signify no hostile intent.  In short, it was an act of submission.  Over time, perhaps due to the customary return volley from the shore battery acknowledging the entering vessel, the gun salute became an salutary greeting.  The number of guns has varied over the years and by countries.  However, today, a 21Gun Salute is the protocol of most nations reserved as its highest salutary honor rendered to dignitaries.  Lesser dignitaries are rendered a lower number of guns. 

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