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Our Mission & Manner
21 WORD SALUTE is designed to be a permanent online publication of individual remembrances for fallen U.S. heroes. 
It is published for the country and world to see.
21 WORD SALUTE is a strictly formatted eBook of Honor befitting both the dignity of the sacrifice and well as the regulated salutary tradition of 21 Gun Salutes* (See footnote) which are reserved only for the president, heads of state, and certain dignitaries.  Only Memorial Day is a 21 Gun Salute rendered for all fallen heroes, as a group, at military bases and ships at sea which have the capability of rendering such a salute,  
It is our opinion that every fallen troop, regardless of rank, deserves the honor of "21," the maximum number rendered to the most important people.  
21 WORD SALUTE is meant to individually keep present the honor and remembrance of a fallen hero through 21 selected words that form an epitaph.  As a 21 Word Salute can be rendered by any number of people for a given hero, it is possible through multiple salutes to form a composite epitaph that provides an understanding of his/her impact on and loss to the survivors. 
In short...
21 WORD SALUTE puts into action through permanent words
the well meaning, but often forgotten expression,
"We Will Never Forget."    
21 WORD SALUTE is a collaboration of artists who have come together to produce this concept, song, and online memorial. 
21 WORD SALUTE is not a public charity in the IRS 501C3 designation which requires that we need to acquire 30% of our funding from public donations. 
Having both formed and solicitied donations for 501C3 charities, here is why we have chosen not to follow this path...  
First, we delivery a charitable service without charge to immediate families of fallen heroes.  To do so requires time and therefore money.  Instead of spending the enormous effort to solicit public donations to cover this benefit, we hopefully will generate voluntary donations by offering the exact same subscription to extended families, friends and comrades-in-arms of the fallen hero.  
Second, we neither solicit funds with off-message items such as return address labels, greeting cards, calendars, etc., nor do we rely on a third party service which customarily obtains the bulk of the donation.  Our goal is to create in cyberspace a permanent memorial of remembrances of not only the heroes but their families and friends who must sacrifice a lifetime without them. The best way to accomplish this is to have the "voluntary donors" (the extended families, friends and comrade-in-arms) add their 21 Word Salutes.  In this way, they a) not only defray the expense of the gratis salutes, b) they add to the composite epitaph of a hero through their salutes, and indeed c) also become a permanent part of it by "signing" their salute.
Third, the regulated format of 21 Word Salutes can be augmented through the online publication of "Here Lies My Heart," itself modestly priced which can help us offset the gratis salutes.  While there is no obligation to obtain this  additional service, if it is purchased, cross-links will connect the the 21 Word Salute to "Here Lies My Heart."
Fourth, were we a charity and were we to even charge  $9.95, for the 21 Word Salute to other than immediate family members, at a 30% tax bracket this equates to a $3.00 deduction.  Admittedly $3.00 is $3.00; but it is an insignificant deduction.   HOWEVER... if one lists his/her name/s after a Salute, we can all but guarantee that Google will eventually find your name and report it out in an Alert with a link to your comment.  Google would never do this for you, if we sold return address labels to you.  Further any potential deduction is less than a latte'... and Google would not report on your purchase of that, either.  So, our program honor heroes, as we designed, and rewards contributors as we desire.
Fifth, one of us has formed or been closely involved with a veterans' charity.  Additionally, all collaborators have been involved with other charities, fundraising, and the manner in which funds can be legitimately be reported yet provide a false impression.  Trust us, what one sees is not what one always gets with non-profits.** (SEE FOOTNOTE)
Our benefit is wide open:  If one has lost a direct family member, we want to honor this person without charge to the family, without a tie-in or contingency to one's buying more of our remembrance services, without an annual fee... and forever, so long as the Internet remains as it exists, today.  If this fallen hero was an extended family member, friend, or comrade-in-arms, we want you have the same benefit of expressing your feelings while at the same time helping us -- IF YOU CAN -- deliver the benefit to the immediate family with whom you most likely know. There is no obligation or tie-in to our other remembrance services. We want your 21 WORD SALUTE more than your money.
21 WORD SALUTE's mission and manner is just this forthright! 
* A GUN SALUTE (a "gun"  = a cannon or howitzer) is different from the rifle salute which is a part of a military funeral. The rifle salute is thought by military historians to have evolved from a different path of traditions. Historically, gun salutes arose out of the practice of emptying navel war cannons upon entering a port to signify no hostile intent.  In short, it was an act of submission.  Over time, perhaps due to the customary return volley from the shore battery acknowledging the entering vessel, the gun salute became an salutary greeting.  The number of guns has varied over the years and by countries.  However, today, a 21Gun Salute is the protocol of most nations reserved as its highest salutary honor rendered to dignitaries.  Lesser dignitaries are rendered a lower number of guns. 
** CHARITY RATING is performed by several independent organization.  Charity Navigator provides and excellent, service without charge. www.charitynavigator.com